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 Mod Application From: I Rossy I

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I Rossy I

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Mod Application From: I Rossy I Empty
PostSubject: Mod Application From: I Rossy I   Mod Application From: I Rossy I EmptyThu Aug 25, 2011 12:14 pm

Hello, my name is Ross

I have had alot of experience as mod i have been mod for 3 server's i respect what i have been chosen for and I am a very reliable person, I am 14 years of age and im from the U.K.

This is Why i want to be mod: I can help people if they are stuck i love to chat and keep people company, i love helping people know where to go and what to take and what to do around the server, also I will tell friends and family about this server, and i will contribute as much as i can and make this a big server, (atleast in the 20's on runelocus!), also i will help people not just in-game but on the forums, i can tell people what place to post there subject in if they are not totaly sure.

I do what i am asked to do and do not abuse mod powers if i feel someone is in the wrong i tell my opinion and see if they agree, if i have done something and i am in the wrong i will apologise polietly and as kindly as i can.

See you in-game guys!

Ross Very Happy
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Mod Application From: I Rossy I
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